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Solace Tanning Studios is a service oriented and professional tanning salon that opened it’s doors April 2008.  The founder discovered that there was a huge void in the Toronto tanning industry. As an frequent traveller, she would visit local tanning salons for a ‘base’ tan. She was continuously disappointed with the lack of professionalism, quality and cleanliness of the facilities she was frequenting. This is how Solace Tanning Studios was born.

President & Founder 

Julie McLachlan, Founder & President

Julie’s main focus in founding Solace Tanning Studios was to create a welcoming, luxurious and professional tanning salon on Toronto’s waterfront, where she lived, that catered to hip and sophisticated condo dwellers. Being a holistic lifestyle lover, she believes in living as naturally as possible. She thrives in the sun and knows the importance of receiving UV rays on a daily basis. Living in Toronto, it’s very difficult to get adequate sunshine and vitamin D. Solace Tanning Studios enables those who wish to tan year-round, a comfortable and controlled environment to do so. Julie believes in balance and believes you need to receive sun exposure, but to be mindful about it. To avoid cancer and sun damage you need to practice safe-sun exposure. This means avoiding over-exposure {tanning for too long and tanning too often}.

You can also find luxurious, natural skincare and health products at Solace Tanning Studios, like natural, organic sunscreens. Protect yourself with natural sunscreens and limit sun exposure during the strongest times of the day. She doesn’t advocate hiding from the sun.

Julie can be contacted by emailing julie@solacetanning.com.


Studio Manager 

Joscelyn Longo. Joscelyn can be contacted by emailing manager@solacetanning.com.